Dhaba or Hotel  Style Dal Tadaka Recipe

In this cooking tutorial, you will learn Dhaba or Hotel  Style Dal Tadaka Recipe. This is very easy to cook and you can serve this with Roti or Rice.


Tuvar Dal / Split Pigeon Pea – Half cup

Moong Dal / Skinless Green Gram –  Half cup

Haldi / Turmeric powder – ½ Tbsp

Chopped Tomatoes – 1 medium size

Chopped Onions – 2 medium size

Cumin seeds :- 1 Tbsp

mustered seed – 1/2 Tbsp

Garlic –  1 inch

Ginger –  8-10

Hing – 1/4 Tbsp

Green Chillies chopped – 2/3

Dried REd chilli – 2

Kashimiri red chilli powder – 1/4 Tbsp

Coriander Powder – 1 Tbsp

Garam Masala – 1/2 Tbsp

Oil 2/3 Tbsp

Ghee – 1 Tbsp

How to make :-

Wash dal in water and soak it for half hour.  Add 2-3 cup water , pinch of turmeric powder and pinch of salt into dal and pressure cook it for 4 to 5 whistles on medium flame.

Heat 2/3 Tbsp oil in pan on medium flame, add cumin seeds , mustered seeds once sizzles add  green chilies and  onion  into it, Fry onion until it turn to light golden color then add crushed garlic ginger , let it get fried. Add dried red chilies ,hing ,coriander powder and garam masala, fry masala for 1 min on low flame. Make sure masala should not burn Now add chopped  tomatoes, get cooked until its raw smell goes and it should start releasing oil.

Now add cooked dal into masala. Add salt to taste. Now cook it for 2 minutes. Now heat 1 tbsp ghee into tadaka pan on medium flame, add cumin seeds  and Kashmiri red chilli powder. Add this tadaka on dal . You can even add 1-2 chopped garlic into tadaka  to get better taste .

Now your Dhaba style dal is ready to eat.  You can enjoy it with roti or rice.

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