Crispy Pakodas Recipe

In today’s cooking tutorials, we explain you Crispy pakodas recipe and it is one of the Indian Snack everyone like it. Crispy pakodas is the tasty snack you can enjoy this in home /party or during raining with tea.

Crispy pakodas is very easy to cook. This is one of my favorite snack where I enjoy with tea. Most of the Indian like to have Crisypy pakodas specially on rainy days.

These all ingredients needed to cook crispy pakodas | Indian snacks:

Ingredients List:

2-3 cups of chopped veggies- medley of vegetables
Oil for deep frying
Spices- Salt, pepper, Amchur ( mango Powder), ajwain ( carom-caraway seeds), chilli powder, Dried fenugreek leaves. Spice level should be adjust as per the quantity you are cooking.
Optional– 2 tbsp Ketchup ( simply to add a little bit more oomph to your Pakodas)
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup chickpea flour- Besan
2-3 tbsp water.


Take a bowel and mix spices with veggies and let stand for 10-15 mins. Veggies start to ooze out water. Add in besan flour and make a batter.

Deep fry small portions in hot oil.

Serve with Chutney/curd of your choice.

Hope you like crispy pakodas recipe steps.

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